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Semiconductor Parts

  • Photo

    Application of heterogeneous/homogeneous
    brazing technology

    Chill & WCP Plate Assy
    Chill Plate
    • Taking out Wafer in bake unit heater, and then cooling
      at the optimal temperature by 20%
    WCP Plate
    • Wafter is cooled evenly to 23°C
    • The most critical quality control point is the management of adhesiveness of the coolant (constant temperature water) line (leaking points not acceptable)
  • Clean

    PTFE resin processing
    electrical/mechanical assembly

    Spin Chuck & Nozzle Assy
    Spin Chuck
    • Wafer clamp (Max. RPM 2,000) when etching, cleaning, rinsing, and drying
    Nozzle driving part
    • Used to cleanse particles produced when etching wafer
    • A cleansing liquid (DI, IPA, HF, DHF, sulfuric acid, etc.) is used, so metal equipment is treated with a special coat to improve the abrasion rate.
    • Precision assembly quality control to improve the quality of semiconductors
  • Test & Package

    Processing &

    Guide Bracket & Brock

    Manufactures various parts such as base plates, and ships after surface treatment