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  • Measurement

    • 3D coordinate measuring machine (CMM)
    • Virtual coordinate measuring machine (VCMM)
    • Roughness and shape measuring instrument
    • Rockwell hardness tester
    • X-ray (for non-destructive testing)
    • SensArray 29PT (for heater temperature testing)
    • Metal component analyzer
    facility Model Number of units in possession
    3D coordinate measuring machine (CMM) Mitutoyo / Dukin and others 16
    Surface roughness measuring instrument Tokyo Seimitsu and others 4
    3D virtual coordinate measuring machine (VCMM) ROI / Seven Ocean 6
    Universal testing machine (UTM) Q-Mesys 3
    Metal component analyzer Oxford Instruments(Foundry master) 1
    X-ray (for non-destructive testing) XSCAN-A130H 2
    SensArray 29PT (for heater temperature testing) KLA Tencor 1