• Operation of small/large (width x height x length: 600 x 600 x 1,250), and high-degree vacuum (10-6 Torr) equipment to meet client needs
  • Heterogeneous and homogeneous brazing technologies to work with various types of base metal (e.g. ceramic, metal)
  • Quality assurance through leak test (4.5 kg/cm2), shear strength test, and brazing defect inspection (x-ray)
  • Maintaining brazing base metal and filler metal clean with cleaning equipment and a clean room system
  • Degree of vacuum 10-6 torr
    Maximum temperature 1,300°C
    Charging size Large: 1,250 x 600 x 600 (length x width x depth)
    Small: 400 × 400 (width x length)