• Shinsung Electronic Precision
    has an end-to-end production capacity and
    an integrated production system. We deliver total solutions for our clients.

  • We will ceaselessly test our limits and improve.
    Shinsung Electronic Precision

What we do

We provide die design and manufacturing, casting, painting, and processing services
to provide defect-free top quality products and total solutions for precision equipment parts.

  • Computer storage devices

    Our products boast defect-free top quality.

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  • Semiconductor equipment

    Our products are made with cutting-edge technologies.

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  • Automotive parts

    Our main focus is on developing parts, producing and selling them in sub-assembly forms including peripheral parts.

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  • Medical equipment

    We use extruded materials and die casting techniques to secure competitive quality and price.

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Core Values

We will continue our research and development efforts toward the zero defect policy to practice the quality management for customer satisfaction and “technology-first” principle to become a reliable company.


We produce high quality products through continuous research and industry-leading technologies.

  • Innovative technology

  • Production system

  • Quality development and control system